A nine meter high, painted, bronze sculpture for a roundabout in Trondheim, Norway. A collaboration project between the artists: Mikael Nilsson, Are Blytt and Niklas Mulari. The project was managed by Claes Soderquist.


Viking Cruises/ICArt

Commissioned from International Corporate Art in Norway in 2015 and 2016. Four paintings for the restaurants at the cruise ships Viking Sea and Viking Sky.


Hemifrån (From home)

Installation at the Trondheim Kunst Museum. From the Master of Fine Arts exhibition in 2005, curated by Gertrud Sandqvist. 

A painting on MDF board, 60 x 675 cm, and a 60 m2 carpet of plastic grass. 



First exhibited at Galleri Blunk. Later commissioned by Statens Konstråd, for the hospital Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset in Huddinge, Stockholm. 


70 paintings and one tape recorder

Installation project at KiT Gallery in Trondheim, Norway. Every painting from my studio (it was exactly 70) was laid out on the floor in a collage, forming a landscape towards a painted horizon on the wall. A tape recorder from my studio was also included and set to make a buzzing noise, that would shift when the viewer moved around the room.


Sky Bar - extreme makeover

Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts, Norway. A collage from garbage found in containers was put up on the former "annoyingly" blue wall in the Sky Bar. The bar itself was covered with post-it notes in strong colours, and the windows were partially painted in yellow, creating a warm yellowish light in the entire room during daytime.

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